TV Heads was the beginning of my time with TalkTalk's sponsorship of the X Factor. My aim was to raise the quality and put user generated content at its heart without sacrificing the quality. The end result was a true first and platform that set the bar for the sponsorship.

heads above the rest


tv heads

We wanted to give the viewers the chance to become the stars of TV. So we sponsored The X Factor, Britain’s most popular TV show, and created a platform called TalkTalk TV heads. With it you and up to 4 friends could create your own HD music videos and with a little luck, see them on X Factor ad breaks every week.


simply tv tastic

The end result of the app and campaign as a whole was brilliant idents for TalkTalk's sponsorship. Here is a sample of some of the 160 that aired.


let the performances begin

Creating a video was as easy as going to the website or downloading the app.

choose video style & track

We shot 15 different music video styles and let users mix and match the tracks with the video to create their preferred mash-up. It wasn't just about you though, you could create a video on your own or with up to 4 people in it.

give a TV-worthy performance

Users could use their webcam to capture their performance. From there we would immediately stream it to the server to be rendered into the HD video.

see the HD before submitting

Within in less than 30 seconds after the performance is captured, we would take the performance, merge it with the full HD 1080p video, add reflections and some minor grading. Then render it out and send it back to the user to review. It was complicated, but cool.

get it on tv and share

Last step was submitting to be considered for the adverts and share with your social network.